1. What has jQuery ever done for us?

    June 2nd 2015

    jQuery, right? It's good for cross browser compatibility but it's massively bloated. Modern browsers can natively do all the stuff jQuery does so why bother including it?

    jQuery has taken away our ability to do the simplest thing in JavaScript, without including a bloated library. It's made people lazy, they can't do anything without a jQuery plugin.

    This hipster dev talk covers how you can replace the bloated old jQuery way of doing things with the latest trend: Vanilla JS.

  2. Cascade, Specificity and a Single name space

    May 7th 2015

    or: How I learned to stop worrying and tolerate CSS

    CSS is often seen as hard to write and maintain, and - unless carefully managed - CSS code bases have a tendency to get out of control. This talk gives an insight into the underlying causes that lead to unmaintainable CSS and introduces proven techniques that use CSS's strengths rather than exploiting its weaknesses.

  3. Using a web font loader

    November 6th 2014

    Web fonts open up a lot of opportunities for adding visual interest and branding. However, browsers - particularly WebKit based browsers - don't necessarily do the best thing, especially in non-ideal network conditions. To work round the performance and reliability issues we can use a web font loader to give us the fine control we need.

  4. Introduction to web page performance

    July 27th 2014

    Let's face it: nobody likes waiting for a web page to load so we need to deliver our content as fast as possible.

    In this talk we'll look at how a browser loads a page and some things we can do to make that process as efficient as possible.

  5. Building for the device agnostic web

    October 29th 2013

    We can't control how our users access our websites - they may use mobile phones, TVs, tablets, games consoles, laptops, desktop computers, or even their glasses and their watch! In this world, meeting our customers' needs on their terms is a daunting task.