Amazon Kindle 2

Kindle 2
Release date
February 2009
Operating system
Kindle 2.5
Screen size
600 x 800
Kindle (NetFront based)
Browser viewport
600 x 706
Pixel density
1 (assumed)
User agent
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; Linux 2.6.22) NetFront/3.4 Kindle/2.5 (screen 600x800; rotate)
HTML5 test score
Does not run
CSS3 test score
Does not run
Media query support

By default the Kindle 2 browser uses "Basic Mode" which has CSS and JavaScript disabled. It is possible to enable "Advanced Mode" in the browser's menu which will enable CSS support. In the browser's settings it is possible to enable JavaScript meaning it will run in "Advanced Mode" - it won't run in "Basic Mode". Even in "Advanced Mode" with JavaScript enabled CSS support is very basic and even jQuery 1.x won't run.