1. Thoughts on GoogleIO and WWDC

    June 8th 2015

    I've been noticing a steady shift in reactions to the big announcements shows from Google and Apple. They're still presented with as much - if not more - of a fanfare about the new; revolutionary; beautiful; engaging; utopian; pick your hyperbole of choice; products and features that will change our lives. However, despite using the language of revolution people have seen enough of these by now to know that the reality is going to be incremental change some time in the future.

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  2. Lies, damn lies and Amazon user agents

    May 28th 2015

    Recently I was looking at something on an Amazon Fire phone and, specifically, the user agent string of the Silk browser. What I found is a perfect demonstration of the main problem associated with sniffing user agents: they are very unreliable.

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  3. Relevancy and the moderate usefulness of Google Now

    April 21st 2015

    I've been using Google Now for a while and have found it moderately useful. However, for all the virtual intelligence it shows when it's useful it's the lack of intelligence it shows when it's not that means that - whilst I use it - I don't trust it.

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