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  1. Tech monocultures

    Mastodon has problems, Twitter has problems, Email has problems, Slack has problems Facebook has problems, Microsoft has problems, Amazon has problems, Apple has problems, Open source has problems, I have problems. Fortunately none of these are compulsory (yet) and it's large monocultures that are the danger (and not just in tech ) Unfortunately tech does love itself a monoculture ("Why can't everyone just use Chrome?") - and especially a monoculture where a small number of white males are the main beneficiaries.

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  2. Privacy enhanced mobile

    With their plethora of sensors and always-on data connections, mobile devices track a large amount of data which is passed on to the services you use. There are numerous reasons why you might want a device that has enhanced privacy - even if you have nothing to fear hide. Setting one up isn't a simple task but can be completed in a evening*. If you haven't changed the operating system on a mobile before it can seem a bit daunting but follow the steps through and be patient.

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