Allison House: Make it happen

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Allison House was talking about making it happen at Dot York, these are my notes from her talk.

Working on a music video was a new challenge. New to 3D (three weeks) and the basis of the video was 3D animations. No experience of cinematography (the protagonist moves from left to right, the antagonist from right to left.) No experience of editing - used a 30 day trial of Adobe Premier. Did it in three weeks, lots of learning in a short space of time.

Always been interested in teaching and learning - self teaching is the intersection of this. Being around people who are better than you is key to getting better yourself.

Producing a high volume of dense work is a good sign that you are being productive.

Move fast

Speed gets you momentum. You get your best ideas, you use short term memory.

  1. Go wide - try and cover as much scope as possible.
  2. Prioritise - work out what of this is important.
  3. Go deep - focus on the important items.

Done is better than perfect. [Start with the basics of everything then add finesse as time allows.]

Produce a lot

Emotional threat: vulnerability from being a beginner. The brain gives you excuses for not moving forward - why bother, I'm never going to be good at this.

Ego depletion: we have a finite amount of mental resources. As you make decisions you use up mental energy.

Second shift

1.Chained - related to something you already do. Hitch a ride on something you are already doing: activity A becomes associated with activity B. 2. Achievable - has to be completable. Focus on really small tasks. 3. Pays off

Try and identify where you trip yourself up.

Work hard and work smart. Multiply your abilities. Our actions are your only true belongings.

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