Stuart Goulden: Unloved

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Stuart Goulden (@stugoulden) was speaking at Dot York, these are my notes from his talk.

We're surrounded by everyday niggles and unloved brand experiences.  They're everywhere.  People tolerate them for years and years.  Some people rant at customer services, mostly on social media these days.  @WHS_carpet is a good example of this.   Every unloved industry is a business oppoertunity - the bigger the niggle the bigger the size of the prize.  The world needs a really good magazine retailer - who's filling the WHS gap?  If you hate something change something - make the ordinary extroradinary.

2007 - decided to reinvent local media in our corner of the world.  People don't read the local paper - doom and gloom, poorly designed and generally lack relavence.  £2000, a desk, a blog, lots of fantastic people, army of good will and a complete lack of any industry background.  One&Other won the local TV licence for York from Ofcom - launching in 2015.

  1. Share your idea - nobody will steal it.
  2. Involve others - something created by 100s of people will better than something you build yourself.
  3. Celebrate often - little and often.

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