Boydlee Pollentine: REST Easy With Deployd (Rapid API Creation)

Orde Saunders' avatarPublished: by Orde Saunders

Boydlee Pollentine (@boydleep) was talking about rapid API creation at Scotland.js, these are my notes from his talk.


Built on top of Mongo and Node and allows you to build APIs in the browser. Free and open source. Full dashboard system to manage your API. Creates RESTful APIs by default.

Uses events for each method to allow you to inject your own business logic. Access other collections and join results. Generates a library (DPD) that you can use server and client side. Full auth support. Email library. Can restrict calls by throwing 'cancel'. Other methods can handle data integrity, versioning &c.

Can use Mode.js modules to perform tasks that Deployd doesn't do by default.

What's it good for?

Smarter Learn gaming platform.

Able to create APIs on the fly - don't know what we might need in future. Highly scalable with high availability. Can be integrated with both web and mobile. And it's cheap!

Built on Linux servers on Rackspace. External MongoDB connection. Scales on demand. Long term storage in MySQL cloud server to provide query without killing main API.

Long running API calls can use a lot of RAM - don't run it with less than 1GG. IE8 has issues with X-domain scripting. Still very new.

Thousands of API calls per hour. Added into responsive website and using Titanium app.

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