Sarah Parmenter: The Responsive Workflow

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Sarah Parmenter was speaking about The Responsive Workflow at Responsive Conf, these are my notes from her talk.

Responsive means many things - mostly terror and dread. Workflow I've had for years doesn't work, if we're honest then the phrase "winging it"should be used more often.

We're thinking about workflow and tools - not thinking enough about the process. Photoshop has become a dirty word.

Have you had to change your workflow for responsive: 56% yes.

Is responsive integrated in your company: 64% yes

Do you work to common breakpoints: 65% yes (we should be designing to the design - not widths)

Think of design as a puzzle picture - pieces have to fit in different places. We need to share the things that don't work and not just the finished article.

Indesign can be used for responsive design - there is a blog post on this. [Didn't get the URL]

YouKnowWho started to document their workflow:

  • Conent and structure
  • UX and wireframes
  • Design elements and atmosphere
  • Optimisation
  • Build

Static visuals sill have their place - not comps. PSDs are not deliverables.

You must know the structure of your content. Look at newspapers that have a good structure. Do a content audit.

Define content structure. Look at what people are actually doing/looking at. Identify the most important areas and then use wireframes to signoff on content hierarchy - identify areas by priority numbers.

Pattern libraries are a deliverable. This can be the visual design theme but not a layout. It's not a style guide, it describes what and where.

Asset management is a real problem. We're going to need a number of different file formats for different devices. Look at slicy macrabbit. [Mac and Photoshop]

Process is adaptive and our work is never done.

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