Elliot J Stocks: RWD - The War has not yet been won

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Elliot J Stocks was speaking about RWD at Responsive Conf, these are my notes from his talk.

All the cool kids are doing it. Everybody is experimenting and nobody has a fixed system.

Really Weird Designs.

We've all adopted fluid layouts. Or have we? Still some work to do. Still agencies that are doing their own version - e.g. adaptive switching between fixed layouts. They can be quite vocal in their opposition.

Myth: Not many people use mobile devices so it's not worth it. RWD is not about mobile, tablet or even fridges - it's device agnostic. Put breakpoints in when the content needs them not based on device category. This way we're not going to get caught out by a revolutionary device with a new form factor.

Risky Wild Decisions

It doesn't have to take longer. It can take longer to start with but it's quicker in the long run. It takes time for people to adapt to new methods with new processes and workflows. Put things into the browser to see what works.

Rightfully Wary Directions

Make your site adaptable and accessible to different devices but is it worth it? Sometimes the desktop site works on tablets. Consistently case studies show that metrics improve, even on desktop, when RWD is put in place.

Rather Worried Dinosaurs

Create an HTML document with content but without styles and see what it looks like: the web is responsive by default.

Relatively Wholesome Debate

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