1. Relevancy and the moderate usefulness of Google Now

    April 21st 2015

    I've been using Google Now for a while and have found it moderately useful. However, for all the virtual intelligence it shows when it's useful it's the lack of intelligence it shows when it's not that means that - whilst I use it - I don't trust it.

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  2. E Ink Kindle web browsers

    April 17th 2015

    The E Ink Kindle e-readers feature a web browser as standard but, due to the technology that makes them good e-readers, they are a very constrained environment for a web browser. I have a number of Kindles in my device lab and, whilst I do not do in-depth testing on them, I do use them to check sites I build are accessible on these devices. This is a summary of information about these devices and how that affects web browsing.

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  3. Devices and final iOS versions

    April 2nd 2015

    Although Apple do a good job of supporting older devices with new operating system releases, there comes a point where support stops. This means that devices will reach a final - or terminal - iOS version. Whilst the information is available on Wikipedia this table summarises the terminal version and corresponding devices.

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